UltraCore Blast Kicks-off in Glenwood

June 20, 2011

Alegent Health, Sports Authority, Joe Designer, and Frontline Church of the Nazarene pooled resources to create a long-desired fitness program for the Glenwood Middle School.  The UltraCore Blast fitness program which focuses on core strength will allow students to select from one of four categories based on personal interests—General Core Fitness, Explosiveness, Endurance, or Speed & Agility.  Core strength is a vital part of being able to finish a play, establish position, and maintain endurance; hopefully, improved core strength and endurance will translate into improved sports for Glenwood.  Additionally, the program will address such needs as nutrition, childhood obesity, and healthy choices.  According to Alegent spokesperson, Joe Connell, “Although, on the surface, the program focuses on core strength and endurance, we want to promote overall fitness for kids early on.”  An off-shoot of the program will be its education about the sciences and careers related to sports medicine.

The assembly’s featured speaker was trainer-author Lesley Leach of Just Move 4 Fitness who spoke to the students about healthy life choices.  Alegent plans in the near future to bring in college football great Tommy Frazier to help encourage greater participation.  Josie Haumont, Manager of Sports Authority (72nd Street), expressed her enthusiasm about helping the students and Sports Authority’s willingness to continue support for Glenwood’s fitness program.  Joe Edwards, owner of Joe Designer on the Glenwood square, awarded prizes to the student-designers of the winning logos for the program.

Dan Hardcastle, Pastor of the coming Frontline Church, thanked all the partners who brought a good idea to fruition.  Volunteers Monica Green-Connell and Joe Connell from Alegent not only initiated the idea with Glenwood Schools, but also provided the essential expertise to design the core-focused program specifically for pre-teens.  Alegent Healthier Communities’ Diane Roberts and Josie from Sports Authority came through big with funding and long-term support to ensure we can sustain the program.”  All together, nearly $3,500 of new equipment was purchased to meet some fairly lofty requirements desired by Glenwood Schools’ Mark Starner, Scott Arkfeld, and Superintendent Devin Embray.  “It was a team effort from a bunch of people who care about fitness, but more so, kids.”

The program started with 74 students participating Monday, 7 March, and will continue Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 6:45-7:45am at the middle school gym.  Volunteers are still needed to assist the students on a daily basis.