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Frontline Church

Frontline Church is not your typical church, but a church for the rest of us…even for those who don’t like church.  We are a YOUTH church (created, designed, and led by teens/20’s, but all ages are welcome and come (and find a place/part)).  Most importantly, we introduce people to the saving, life-changing grace of Jesus Christ, and help each person grow in Christ. Everyone/Anyone is welcome here.


We are a new church…not only because, well, we’re new, but more importantly, a new church designed for people who really want to reach youth.  New because we’re unique in our ways and traditions about how we reach people for Christ.  We will remain new by continually reaching people through new community activities, adapting to people’s passions/interests and needs, and evolving quickly to best utilize our gifts and talents (as God grows His church).


Have you struggled to find a church that matches your interests, talents, and abilities?

Do your kids dislike church?  Do you dislike church, but wish you didn’t?

Would you like to find out what it means to be “all in” for Christ?

Do you want to hear what Scripture says (without a lot of fluff…straight forward)?

Do you have a particular interest in maybe education, sports, family, music, outdoor activities, health/fitness…practically anything goes?  Or, do you have a heart for at-risk youth, troubled marriages, or our schools?  Would you like to team with friends around similar interests and passions to meet people and meet needs?  Then Frontline Church may be a good fit for you.

If you haven’t found a church that matches you, check us out!