We are not your ordinary church…but a church for the rest of us!  Haven’t found the perfect church?  Well, we’re not it either.  But, we may be the one that fits you…come check us out.  We are Christian, active, purposeful, community-oriented, and new…dedicated to representing to our communities God’s love and grace through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  EVERYONE is welcome!

Sunday Service, 10am, Glenwood YMCA (doors open at 8:30 for set-up plus basketball, refreshments, fellowship).  YMCA Location:  110 Sivers Rd, Glenwood.                          First Sunday of each month is Mission Sunday…we’re somewhere in the community;    call Dan at 712-310-6350 for more info.  


Children’s Ministry & Nursery provided.

COME CHECK US OUT!  Bring a friend or at least someone who ought to be going to church!


For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith–and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.

1st SUNDAY Missions, first Sunday each month, we do things in the community, call Dan @ 712-310-6350…2 Apr…

Interested in helping create a nature/pollinator park in Mills County?  We’ve got the spot…15 acres along Hwy34!  Contact Dan @ 712-310-6350

Interested in helping create a Frisbee/Soccer (foot)-Golf Course in Glenwood?  Contact Dan @ 712-310-6350

Loess Hills Maker Space – Now open!  South side of Glenwood square.  Find it on Facebook.

Campus Life – Wednesdays, 6:20 @Middle School // Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) – Sundays 7pm @High School

Like UFC???  We’re forming a group to share the PPVs.  Call Dan @712-310-6350