We are not your ordinary church…but a church for the rest of us!  Haven’t found the perfect church?  Well, we’re not it either.  Still, come check us out.  We are Christian, active, purposeful, community-oriented, and new…EVERYONE, ANYONE is welcome!

Sunday Service, 10am, at The Gathering Place (110 S Vine St, Glenwood).                                                                                                               

Children’s Ministry & Nursery provided.

COME CHECK US OUT!  Bring a friend or at least someone who ought to be going to church!


For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith–this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.

Interested in getting involved in the community?  Maybe creating a nature/pollinator park, Soccer-golf course, 9-square, mountain bike trail?  Call Dan @ 712-310-6350

Do you have a kid who loves basketball?  Personal BB coaching…Contact Dan @ 712-310-6350

Campus Life (6th-12th grade):  Wednesdays at 6:20 at Glenwood Middle School

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA):  Sundays at 7:00pm at Glenwood HS; follow GlenwoodFCA on Twitter for updates

Like UFC???  We’re forming a group to share the PPVs.  Call Dan @712-310-6350 

Community Worship Band – Every Monday at 7pm @1st Christian Church Glenwood

Overcomers Bible Study:  Brand new!  Wednesday evenings 6:00 @Gathering Place (110 S Vine St)